House Hunting

RELOCATIONone has established a well-proven system to ensure that relocation to a new home is a smooth and stress-free experience for our customers. Our team creates a profile with every client which enables the personal counselor to find the ideal home for the individual or the whole family.

Due to the continuing tight housing market we have built a strong network of renowned real estate agents, property managers and personal contacts which enables us to present our clients with a wide and competitive selection of both furnished and unfurnished properties.

It is important to us that our clients are supported by the same personal counselor throughout the whole relocation process who is responsible for all related questions and concerns.

The home-search in detail:
  • Location analysis (including market-research)
  • Qualified selection of various properties and consulting
  • Presentation of selected properties
  • Negotiation with real estate agents and property managers
  • Preparation and annotation of the rental agreement
  • Handover of the property with protocol
  • Registration with the suppliers (electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet)
  • Hotline for the first months of the relocation