RELOCATIONone is taking care of the various and time consuming matters around a departure so the client and his family can concentrate fully on their new surrounding.

While the client is already at his new home, RELOCATIONone mandates the necessary renovation or repairs and organises the handover of the apartment or house.

Our services in detail:
  • Assistance with checking and termination of contractual obligations (rental agreement, telephone, internet, radio and TV license , insurances, authorities, staff, bank account, memberships)
  • Coordination of the move
  • Negotiations with the landlord about renovation or repairs
  • Organisation of renovations, checking various offers from craftsmen
  • Checking and approval of the renovation
  • Returning accommodation to the landlord with protocol
  • Termination with the suppliers (electricity, gas, water)
  • Handling and supervision of the deposit return
  • Placing mail forwarding order
  • Car deregistration
  • Deregestration with the authorities